Win a Makro Voucher

Enter and Win a Makro Voucher. You could win a Makro voucher worth R1000 with Makro has a world of items to choose from including electronics, appliances, toys, fashion and more. You will

Win the Mystery Ride

Enter and Win the Mystery Ride. You could win the mystery ride from JustPlay that has finally been revealed. The mystery ride is a Polo Vivo 1.4 and is worth R150 000. One lucky

Win a Blackberry Z30

Enter and Win a Blackberry Z30. Are you in need of a new phone? Do you love Blackberry? Then JustPlay are giving you the chance to win a Blackberry Z30. The Blackberry Z30 is

Win AMC Cookware

Enter and Win AMC Cookware. You could win AMC Cookware with Good Housekeeping. If you love to cook then you probably use your pots and pans all the time. AMC Cookware has quality that

Win a Hammock for 2

Enter and Win a Hammock for 2. You could win a Hammock for 2 with JustPlay. Summer is in the air and there is no better way to spend your weekend then just relaxing.

Win Matching Samsung S5’s

Enter and Win Matching Samsung S5’s. You could win matching Samsung S5’s with JustPlay. Imagine if you and your bestie had the same phone, but not just any phone the new Samsung S5. You

Win Levis Footwear

Enter and Win Levis Footwear. You could win Levis Footwear with JustPlay. You can win not just one pair of Levi’s but two pairs. These are awesome sneakers that will style up your wardrobe

Win a Trip to Thailand for 2

Enter and Win a Trip to Thailand for 2. You could win a trip to Thailand for 2. You and your partner could be setting out for Thailand for an awesome island experience. The

Win a Makeover for 2

Enter and Win a Makeover for 2. You could win a makeover for 2 with JustPlay. Are you feeling a bit run down and not feeling your best? Then grab your best friend and

About Retweets on Twitter

About Retweets on Twitter One social media platform that you can use is Twitter. Twitter allows the user to create quick and short posts with each other. These posts are called Tweets which are

Win R30k for School Fees

Enter and Win R30K for School Fees. You could win R30K for School Fees with JustPlay. Sending children to school is a must, but fees are not cheap, so JustPlay want to help your

Win a Romantic Getaway

Enter and Win a Romantic Getaway. You could win a romantic getaway with JustPlay. If you and that special someone need to spend some quality time together then this is the time to spoil

Win a Half-Day at Mangwanani for 2

Enter and Win a Half Day at Mangwanani for 2. You could win a Half Day at Mangwanani for 2 with JustPlay. There is never a bad time to relax and get some pampering.