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Great Ways to Find the Latest Online Competitions

As a comper, it is important to stay up to date with all the new and latest online competitions. Knowing about a competition a day earlier will give you an extra entry, which could be the difference between winning and not. However, how are you able to know about all the new online competitions and contests without spending hours scrolling the internet?

It is now easier than ever to have online competitions delivered to you instead of having to spend time and energy to find them every day. Here are great ways to find the latest online competitions so that you never miss a prize.

Sign Up for Online Competition Newsletters

Many online competition websites offer newsletters that will tell you about the latest competitions and contests to enter and these will be delivered to your inbox. Newsletters are a great way to hear about the latest competitions as well as competitions that are closing soon, so you can get some entries in. These newsletters will also give you tips, tricks and other information about online competitions.

Online competition newsletters like Enter and Win are free to sign up to, but there are some that may charge a small fee.

You should subscribe to a few different competition newsletters and see which ones you like and if you don’t like one then you can simply unsubscribe.

Get Blog Updates by Email

If you use Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, for instance, to read your email then you can have online competition blog updates sent to you via email. You will first need to look for an RSS feed on the competition website. Adding RSS feeds to your preferred email program means that every time a new update is posted to the blog, you will receive an email to let you know.

Monitor Competition News Feeds with an RSS Reader

You can also download and use an RSS feed reader to keep up to date with the latest competitions. An RSS reader allows you to see the latest posts from your favorite competition blog in one location.

RSS feed readers are easy to use and you can usually download these for free.

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Use Firefox Live Bookmarks

If you use the internet browser, Firefox then you can use its Live Bookmarks feature to keep track of online competition news through RSS feeds. It just requires you to click a button to see all of the latest online competition headlines in one location.

Follow Competition Sites on Twitter

Twitter is a great social media platform where you can get online competition news from. Many compers will post news about the latest competitions, but companies will also tweet about their own competitions and contests.

You can even create a Twitter account for free just for your comping needs. You can then follow your favorite competition websites and frequent competition sponsors.

You are also able to use hashtags to find relevant competition tweets from people that you don’t follow. TweetDeck is a program that you can use to organize the tweets you read and scroll through people using hashtags that you want to follow.

Follow Competition Sites on Facebook

There are two ways in which you are able to find out about the latest online competitions on Facebook. The first way is to follow companies that hold competitions or to follow sites that source and find the latest competitions for you like Enter and Win. The second way is to follow people who write about online competitions.

Apart from competitions, many companies will also offer coupons, freebies and exclusive offers to their Facebook followers.

There are many competitions that are offered only on Facebook and you can find both small prizes and large dream prizes like cars, holidays, cash and more.

It is free to set up a Facebook account and with so many competitions being held on Facebook, as a comper, you really should use this platform.

Use Google Alerts to Find the Latest Comps

Google Alerts allows you to get news about any keyword you choose, which is delivered to you via your email. If you choose keywords that are related to online competitions or prizes that you want to win, then you will receive a summary of recent competitions that have been published, which is sent as a Google notice.

If you are a serious comper and want to enter more competitions online, then you should try these methods and see which one works best for you, so that you can stay on top of all the latest competitions. The methods you choose should be the easiest for you and give you plenty of new online competitions and contests to enter without you feeling overwhelmed.

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