How to Stay Motivated to Win Sweepstakes


How to Stay Motivated to Win Sweepstakes

Every serious sweepstake enterer will get that feeling that lady luck has gone and you will never win a prize again. If you are feeling the sweepstake burnout  here are some tips that will help you to get through it and get your love of sweeping back.


Enter More

You need to talk yourself into entering more competitions. The top cure for sweepstake burnout is to win a prize even if it is something small. You should try to add more sweeps to your daily regime that have good odds.

Instant Wins

A great way to fight sweepstake burnouts is to enter instant win sweepstakes because they notify you immediately when you win a prize. You will not have to wait for the entry period to finish. Add instant win competitions to your daily entries.

Creative Contests

Creative contests give you the chance to express your inner creative spirit and they also have a higher odd of winning a prize. These contests are also more interesting and the prizes can be huge.

Read about Wins

You are able to motivate yourself by reading about others wins who won a big prize just about when they were about to give up.

Change your Entries

If you are finding it difficult to enter the same contests day after day then either cut back on your dailies and swap them out for new sweepstakes. You can also try entering at a different time of day or from a different location. By changing your entry process you can make entering fun again.

Different Prizes

If you have been focusing on only entering large sweepstakes then try entering smaller and lesser known contests. You will have less competition and the chance of you winning may increase.

More Fun

One key to staying motivated is to have more fun with the entry process. You can decorate your computer desk with lucky symbols or make a vision board that keeps you motivated.

Take Break

You can choose to take a break. Sweepstakes are meant to be fun and if you are not enjoying yourself then perhaps you need a break. Keep reading about sweepstakes though so that you do not give up for good.


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