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You Really Need to Read the Rules

Every single prize and competition has rules, which usually involve long terms and conditions, but you will also find the entry instructions and requirements in these.


The entry instructions are usually not very long and are usually quite simple like ‘Like our Facebook Page’, for instance. It can be very easy on social media competitions just to click and not bother to read the rules. However, there are times where you will need to read the rules properly before you enter.

So, no matter what type of online competition you are entering, you should always read the rules.

When you Should Read the Rules

Getting Creative

If you are entering a creative competition where you will need to write something, submit a photo or a video then you will need to know how they choose a winner as this will affect how much time you will spend on your entry.

If the competition is judged then you should take your time with your entry. However, if the competition chooses a winner at random then your entry needs to be decent, but you shouldn’t stress and overthink it.

If the competition chooses a winner through voting, then you will need to check the terms and conditions, to see if there are any constraints on how you can gain votes.

If the competition is being judged then there will be a criterion for the judges to help them select a winner. You should also check to see if there are any exclusions or restrictions in the rules. You need to follow the rules completely, so that you have a better chance of winning.

What Do You Have To Buy

There are some cases where the promotion will be no purchase necessary or they may ask you to advertise the prize draw online.

However, you should read the promotional packaging before you buy so you know the rules. If it is an expensive qualifying product then you need to buy the exact product and size and if it is an instant win then double check the closing date before you buy, as you will want to enter during the main promotion.

Don’t Get Disqualified

There are many winners that are disqualified because they didn’t enter the competition correctly.

If you need to answer a question, then answer it correctly or if you need to follow on Twitter then ensure you have done it. If there is anything that you need to do then make sure you do them, so you can avoid being disqualified.

Wait…There are a few more things you need to know…

Other Details That You Should Check

You should check the rules on how to enter the competition, but there are two other vital aspects that you need to check for.

The first of these is the time and date that the competition closes. You shouldn’t leave your entry to the last minute as you may just miss the deadline. Make sure you enter in advance and well before the closing date.

The other important rule you need to check is the amount of times that you are allowed to enter. The entry might be one entry per person or per household. You may also only be able to enter once or once per day or allowed multiple entries.

Keep the Rules


If you are spending time on a competition then you need to save a copy of the rules. This is so you have the entry requirements close by. Also, keep your eye on the rules to check if the promoter has changed any of the details like the closing date. Read the rules at the start and also before you start work on your entry and before you submit your entry.

It’s then very important to read all the rules pertaining to any competition that you enter. You need to check the entry requirements and other important information like the amount of times you can enter and the closing date, so you do not get disqualified from being the winner.

Sponsors Also Need to Follow the Rules

There is a tendency among brands to only tell you the bare minimum on social media and some may not even tell you the closing date or won’t include a link to full terms and conditions.

If you are not able to find important information then you should contact the promoter and ask them where you are able to find the details.

Another problem is that not all brands read their own rules when they choose the winner and you may even notice that the prize goes to an entrant that hasn’t followed the rules, however, there will be entrants waiting for them to announce the winner and ensure that the entry was valid.

If the chosen winner, didn’t follow the rules, then someone might point this out. If this does happen, the promoter might keep the original winner and award another prize to a valid winner or they might have to withdraw the prize from the first winner.

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