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Sweepstake Mistakes

Sweepstake Mistakes

If you love to enter competitions then be warned as you may be making some of these common mistakes.sweepstake mistakes

Not Reading the Rules

The rules for competitions can be long but you should read them. Once you understand the terminology and the layouts the reading of the rules will go a lot faster.

Not Following the Rules

Sweepstake sponsors are serious about their rules and will disqualify you if there are any variations from the guidelines. Read the rules more than once so you know exactly what to do.


Sponsors will offer sweepstakes to their target audience so that they are able to increase the success of their marketing. You should not lie in order to be eligible as they will catch you and disqualify you. There are plenty of sweepstakes to enter so if you do not qualify for one then find another that you do.

Entering for Prizes you don’t want

Many sweepers get carried away and enter every contest they can find. The result of this is that they become overwhelmed with prizes that they can’t use. You should concentrate on sweepstakes that offer prizes you want to win.

Expecting to win too soon

There are times when people will get lucky and get a win shortly after they start entering, however for the rest of us it can take longer. The sweepstake process itself can take months before a winner is announced.

Reviewing Entries

Entering sweepstakes can become a routine and this can cause mistakes. You should just take a second to look over your entry before you submit it.

Tracking Wins

You should get into the habit of logging wins so that you are able to keep track of the competitions you have entered and recall information if you need to.

Giving up too Quickly

In order to enter sweepstakes you will need to have patience, persistence and a positive attitude. You may feel discouraged when the wins aren’t coming in but if you keep entering you are bound to win eventually.

Not having Fun

Entering competitions is a hobby so you need to have fun with it.

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