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The Winner Selection Process for Competitions and Sweepstakes

The Winner Selection Process for Competitions and Sweepstakes

Many of us dream of winning that big prize, but what is the winner selection process for competitions and sweepstakes.

The selection process for competition winners is random. Sweepstake winners are selected at random, whereas contest winners who enter a skill-based competition are judged and selected based on the criteria that is in the official rules.


The official rules for a sweepstake will determine the promotional time period, who is able to enter, how many entries can be submitted, how many winners there will be and when the winner will be announced.

The drawing is done at random by an electronic random numbering program and the rules will come into play. Entries that are ineligible will vary from sweepstake to sweepstake, but in general an entry is not valid if:

  • Entries are not submitted within the time frame
  • Entrants that are not of the proper age or do not fall in the geographic location that has been outlined in the rules.
  • Entries that have been submitted in a way that has not been described in the rules and entries that have incomplete information.
  • An entrant that has exceeded the entry limit.

Once the entries that are not eligible have been removed the random drawing from all the eligible entries will take place. There are some sweepstakes that will only have one prizewinner and others will have multiple winners.

The sweepstakes integrity and protection of the sponsors in the selection process is done through the programming of the proper electronic random selection, which is conducted by an independent sweepstakes administrator.

The odds of winning a sweepstake will depend on the number of eligible entries. If there are more prizes then eligible entries then some of the prizes will not be awarded.


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