Tips to Win More Sweepstake Prizes


Tips to Win More Sweepstake Prizes

You may have seen some people bring home lots of sweepstakes prizes and others win almost nothing. Frequent winners use a few strategies to improve their odds of winning.


You are able to increase your chances of winning with these tips.


When you start to look for sweepstakes, you will see more competitions that are running then you are able to enter. You should then focus your efforts on prizes that you want to win and can use. These are the competitions that you should focus your efforts on.

Enter as Much as Possible

If you just enter one competition then you will need a lot of luck to get picked as the winner. If you enter a lot of different competitions each month then your odds of winning increase. You then need to enter as much as possible.

Enter as Often as you can

If the sponsors allow you to enter a competition daily, weekly or monthly then do it. Many people will only enter a few times; so the more you enter the better your chances are being drawn as the winner.

Lots of Prizes

The more prizes that a sweepstake offers then the better your chances of winning. A competition that has 100 prizes is going to be a hundred times easier to win with a single prize.

Prioritize Sweeps by Age and Gender Restrictions

There are sponsors that restrict entry by age or gender. If you qualify for the restrictions then your chances have already improved.

Local Sweepstakes

There are some competitions that are only open to a specific area. Local competitions can be great as the number of entries is a lot less than national sweeps. You should then enter as many local competitions as possible.

Avoid over Advertised Sweepstakes

If you see a competition that has been advertised on the radio, in newspapers or on television then the number of entries will be a lot more and your chances of winning will be lower.

Short Entry Periods

There are some competitions that have a short entry period and others will have a longer entry period. The longer that the sweepstake is open then the more people will enter.

Difficult Entries

There are competitions that will require quite a bot from you in order to enter like taking a quiz or completing a survey. Your entry time might be slower, but many others will not even bother completing the entry. This then means that your chances of winning are higher.