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What do Art Competition Judges Look For?

What do Art Competition Judges Look For?

If your artwork is not accepted by judges, it doesn’t mean that your art is terrible it just means that the judges aren’t looking to include your particular painting in their exhibition. You shouldn’t take the rejection personally, but then what do art competition judges look for.

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The judges do not know you and you do not know them, so you can never be entirely sure why they make their choices or the reasons behind them. You are able to guess and speculate, but that is all it is.

There are times when different paintings can all be rejected from different shows and there are times when just one painting can have great success in different competitions, but there is no sure way to know what it is that art competition judges are looking for because of the different factors involved.

Obviously though your art style will need to suit the art competition brief. If you paint in a traditional realistic style, but the judges are looking for contemporary then that competition will not be for you.

However, if the same paintings are repeatedly getting rejected you might have to accept the fact that other people do like the paintings as much as you do.

Before you enter an art competition, you will first need to check that the competition is suitable for your art. You will need to look at the medium, the style and the subject matter.

Larger competitions that are held on a national scale will receive more entries and it will be more difficult to get in.

You need to analyze why you are entering the competition. Are you looking to enhance your profile or to continue as an artist.

If you are looking to sell your art, then find exhibitions that are aimed at buyers who have a lot of marketing to the public.

If you want to win prizes then find regional and local shows that will have fewer entrants.

When you are looking to enter an art competition, find out who the judges will be and do your research. Have a look at their style and their type of art. Also have a look at the previous years entries and who won the prizes. This will give you an idea of the direction that you need to take.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to copy the judge’s style as this doesn’t guarantee acceptance and will be seen as an unoriginal.

You will need to follow all of the entry requirements and the competition brief so that you are not rejected based on this.

You should never play it safe and always push yourself and submit your best work. Your work also needs to stand out and be original. The judges make their decisions in seconds so you will want to make sure that your piece is memorable.

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