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Win a LG G2 Worth R7999


Enter and Win a LG G2 Worth R7999.

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You’re on the phone to your friend and you can’t hear them well so you’ve got to turn the volume up. Where are your phone’s volume buttons? On the side. So, you have to disrupt the conversation and take the phone away from your ears in order to comfortably turn up the volume. Even though technology has evolved and some of our phones can now talk to us, it seems that manufacturers still don’t understand how inconvenient side volume buttons are.

LG understands. The LG G2 has the volume button at the back of the phone which enables you to alter the volume without having to disrupt the conversation. With the slogan of their new G2 phone being “learning from you”, they have designed this elegant phone to fit your exact needs. is giving away the new LG G2, which is worth R7999, to one of their users. Stand a chance of winning a phone for you that was actually made for you.

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