What We Hate About Online Competitions

There is plenty to love about entering online competitions like winning prizes, finding other compers and being part of a community, learning about new products, spoiling family with presents, dreaming about prizes and so much more.

However, if you have been comping for a while then you have probably started to get annoyed about some aspects of online competitions. Here is what we hate about online competitions and contests.

Prizes That Never Come

So, you have received a win notification and you have filled out all the paperwork and sent it back on time and now you wait for your prize, but you end up waiting for what seems to be forever and the time frame for your prize to arrive according to the rules has long gone and you still don’t have anything. This is one of the worst parts of online competitions.

Many people that enter online competitions will experience a missing prize every now and then, but there are a few things that you can do to reduce the chances of this happening to you.

The first thing that you should do is to track your prize so you know when it is due to arrive. If the prize is late then politely contact the sponsor or the person in charge of handling the prize. You will find the contact information in your win notification or you can use social media. Let them know you haven’t received your prize yet. If you are having trouble contacting the company behind the competition then you can consider taking legal action.

Using Congratulations in the Subject Line for Non-Winners

Another annoying aspect of online competitions is those emails that say congratulations but you haven’t won the prize. Subject lines like ‘Congratulations! You Have Entered Our Competition’ or ‘Congratulations! You Have Another Chance to Win’ and so on.

These subject lines will get you excited to only drop you when you realise it’s nothing.

As a comper, you only want a congratulations email if you have actually won the prize.

CAPTCHAs That Don’t Work

CAPTCHAs and other verification methods are to prevent cheaters from rigging competitions, but these don’t always work.

There are times where you will face a CAPTCHA where you think you have answered correctly, but you keep getting rejected. Or you might face a ‘pick all the pictures showing a…’, but the images are so blurry and hard to see, you can’t see what the right answer is.

If you keep getting rejected then this creates a whole new level of annoyance. However, part of entering online competitions is having to deal with these verification methods, which hopefully stop cheating bots and screen people out, so you just going to have to put up with them.

Online Competitions That Want You to Bother You Friends

We understand that companies need to reach certain targets for them to be able to offer chances to win and it is vital for the sponsor to spread the news about the competition and we are happy to do it but only to a certain extent.

We hate competitions and contests where you need to bother your friends to get entries. Where you have to beg for votes every day, tagging your friends on social media before you can enter or having to convince friends to enter before you can even enter.

This is unfair to our friends, especially, if they are not compers and we should be able to let them know about the competition if we really feel they would want to enter.

Carry on reading…There are still a few more things…

Competitions That Rely on Votes

At first, it looks like a good idea to use a vote to determine the winner of a contest, but the problem is voting contests are easy to manipulate. Many times, the winner isn’t the person with the best entry, but rather the one that has access to the biggest email list, the one that bribes others to vote for them or the person with the entry that a group who think it would be funny to have them win.

Voting contests make you work hard and you will need to hassle your friends. No one likes to put in a lot of effort just to lose to a better entry, but we hate losing to someone that has manipulated the system.

Competitions That Don’t Follow Their Own Rules

Obviously, before you entered a competition you read the rules carefully and you followed each and every single one of them. You have the best entry you could have created whilst keeping within the rules and restrictions.

However, you are disappointed that you didn’t win and want to see what the winning entry did that you didn’t do, but you discover the winner’s entry should have been disqualified because they didn’t follow the rules.

This can be highly frustrating and contest sponsors can ignore their own rules and change their minds on how a winner is chosen, change the entry dates or ignore their own judging criteria.

Jumping Through Hoops

Another thing that compers hate is when the sponsors try to make entrants jump through hoops to enter and use the desire to win to their advantage.

These hoops can include liking a bunch of social media pages of partner pages, paging through a bunch of special offers for an entry to go through or sending a lot of spam once the entries go through.

You should read the privacy policy to see how your information will be used before you submit an entry, have a separate email account for comping, check to make sure that the competition website is real and to have the courage to leave a giveaway if they seem untrustworthy.

Sites That Crash

It is a good idea to set some time aside every day to enter online competitions and contests. It can then be very annoying when you set aside some time to enter competitions to find that one of the sites where the competition is you want to enter isn’t working.

Websites that crash often, freeze your browser or are unavailable when you want to enter will turn compers away from your competition.


One thing that will make every comper angry is people who cheat competitions and contests.

Cheaters are bad for competitions, because they take up sponsors time and resources, which results in it being more expensive to run giveaways. Cheaters take prizes away from legitimate entrants and they make it harder to enter as sponsors will need to use verification methods to stop cheaters.

Cheaters may use bots or scripts to manipulate voting competitions, they may use IP switching, fake names and email addresses to enter more than they are allowed to, they may enter even though they are not eligible.

Cheating doesn’t do any good and if a sponsor catches on they will disqualify you or even blacklist you. Contest fraud is a crime and it could lead to legal trouble.

Even though online competitions and contests have their flaws and at times they can make us angry, they are still fun and exciting. You do have the chance to win amazing prizes in spite of what we hate, which is why we carry on entering in the hopes of bagging that awesome prize.

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