Tips to Win Online Competitions

It’s fun to enter competitions online and winning is even better. Prizes for online competitions vary from money to vouchers to holidays and more and another plus is that many of these competitions are free to enter. 

If you want a chance to win online competitions then you have to enter, after all, you have to be in it to win it. 

Here are some great tips that you can use to enter online competitions. 

  1. Enter as Much as Possible

The more competitions that you enter the better your chances are of actually winning a prize. If you only enter one or two competitions, then you limit yourself and have a lesser chance of winning. Enter and Win has a number of competitions for you to enter, so why not enter them all and have a better chance of winning. 

2. More Prizes is Best

It is a good idea to enter online competitions that offer multiple prizes as the more prizes there are up for grabs then the better your chances are of winning one of these. 

3. Enter Less Popular Competitions

There are competitions that attract fewer entrants, which means that these competitions will be easier to win. You should look for competitions like these on Social Media as you can usually determine the number of entrants by looking at the shares or comments. Enter these type of competitions as well as many others so you increase your chances of winning something. 

4. Read the Terms

Competitions have terms and conditions, which you must read as these will outline how many times you are allowed to enter, what countries can enter, how old you need to be to enter and other such rules. 

5. Have a Separate Email Account

Having a separate email account just for comping is a good idea and you should just use this email to enter online competitions with. This is because you will find that you will start getting spam emails and newsletters from organisers and this can quickly clutter your inbox. Also, it will be easier to spot a win notification when you have a separate email from your personal one. 

6. Enter Real Information

When you enter an online competition, you will usually need to fill in a form with some of your personal details. Make sure that this information is correct, because if it isn’t and you win a big prize, you might not be able to claim it. 

7. Make Form Filling Easier

There is certain software that you can use, which will make filling in forms with your details quicker and easier. You are able to complete forms with just a click, which means you will be able to enter more competitions within a certain period of time. However, you shouldn’t use software that automatically enters you as this could get you disqualified. 

8. Sharing is Caring

If you find an awesome competition like the ones we have on Enter and Win then why not share it with your friends and family, so they also have a chance to win. 

9. Have Fun

Online competitions should be fun to enter and if they start to feel like a chore then take some time off and go back to comping later. There will always be online competitions for you to enter, so you won’t miss out. 

10. Keep Trying

If you don’t win the first time around or even the second time or whatever the case might be, just keep trying, you never know when it will be your lucky day, so don’t give up. 

Enter and Win are always looking and adding new free to enter competitions to our site so that you can find the very best online competitions in South Africa all in one place. You can win anything from cars to money to vouchers and plenty more, so keep trying and keep entering, you might just win.

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