Top Platforms to Promote Your Social Media Contest

The success of your online competition and contest will rely on how many targeted individuals enter. The competition market is heavily saturated and the response you receive is related to the prize that you giveaway and how well you promote the competition. There are a number of social media platforms that you can use to optimise your promotion.

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Promote Your Social Media Contest


The first place that you should turn to when you are looking to promote your contest is Facebook. Your audience will already be use to this type of engagement and it is easy to use. You can start here and create excitement around your competition.

You should create about 2 to 3 posts per week about the contest. You do not want to overdo it as you will just annoy your fans and followers. You should make sure that the contest updates you post are varied and different so that you can avoid a social media overload. When you make a post about the competition, ensure that you include a photo because these posts will get more views, comments and likes.


Another great place to promote your competition is on Twitter. Again, your audience on Twitter will already be familiar with who you are. You should tweet about your competition 1 to 2 times per week. There is already a lot of buzz on Twitter, so the posts should be spaced out so you can avoid any clutter.

With Twitter, you will want to reach as many people as you can, so having back to back tweets is not a good idea. Also, conduct a search on Twitter for people that are talking about your prize or about contests and let them know about your competition and encourage them to enter.


If you want to be successful on Pinterest then you will need to have strong visuals. You will then need to have a strong graphic element before you promote your competition on this social media platform.

A PinItToWinIt contest is easy to host, but you can also promote other competitions here. You will need to keep your Pinterest audience in mind and create something that will suit them. Beauty, food, health and fashion work well here, so your image should capture one of these types of trends.

Google +

If you have a techy prize, then Google Plus is a good place to promote your competition. The audience on Google Plus is more tech orientated so you will have better luck if your competition is catered to this.

Remember that Google indexes your Google Plus posts, so your audience might not see it right away, but they may find you through a Google search.


LinkedIn is a good place to promote your competition if it is related to your B2B service. You can use your personal page or your company page to promote the contest as well as promote within groups and to individuals.

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Your Blog

The perfect place to promote your competition is on your blog, because it is an entity that you own. People will search for information about your contest and they should be able to find what they are looking for on your blog.

Your blog should have information about the rules and details about entering. You need to make the rules clear and focused.

Your Newsletter

The inbox is a valuable tool that you can use. It is still one of the most powerful ways to get the information you want in front of your customer.

You can use your newsletter list to get more people to look at your contest. Contests do not require any purchase and you are not selling anything to your reader, which means you will see an increase in people interacting with the newsletter and you.

PPC and Social Ads

You may find that it will pay to put some money behind promoting your competition, especially if it is a key factor to reaching sales and marketing goals.

You can use Facebook and Twitter ads or you can use Pay Per Click advertising. The results that are generated will be influenced by your budget. It could be worth driving extra awareness for your competition.

A more affordable option is to run promoted posts on Facebook and it is a great way to increase awareness if you have a smaller budget.

Contest and Competition Listing Sites

There are many sites that will list contests and competitions like EntertoWin. If you would like to find one of these listing sites then you can just search for Submit Contest or Submit Competition and other such terms.

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There are some sites that require a small fee, but your competition will be promoted and you will see an increase in entries.

Related Blogs

Another way that you are able to get increased visibility is to contact blogs that are contest related or talk about your prize and so forth.

You can also build a great relationship with a blogger that appreciates good content and incentives. You will need to provide the blogger with plenty of info like photos, links, videos and words. Once you have sent the competition details to them, do a follow up and practice persistence as this may just get your competition on their blog.

If you are running a competition and want to increase entries then there are a number of platforms that you can use to promote your competition on. This will lead to more people from your targeted audience seeing your post and entering.

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